Did you know an elephant only has 4 molars? They can weigh up to 5 lbs. and are the size of a brick!


In 1570, Queen Elizabeth was given the gift of 6 gold toothpicks to clean her teeth.


While a shark grows thousands of teeth in a lifetime, a dolphin only gets one set.


The average amount left by the Tooth Fairy in 1950 was $.25. In 1988, it was $1.00.


The average amount of floss that is bought every year is 18 yards per person.


On September 20th, China celebrates “Love Your Teeth Day”.


A third of the population squeeze their toothpaste tube from the middle.


And finally, did you know Dr. Matz is not only a dentist, but an entertainer as well? Watch the video below to see him in action!