Coffee and red wine are two of the most obvious culprits in the discoloration of your teeth. But they are not the only ones to blame. Here is a short list of other foods and drinks that can discolor your pearly whites:



Sauces- soy sauce, tomato sauce, or curry sauce

Acidic sports drinks


Carbonated drinks

Candy or sweets


There are different qualities in all of these items that may cause your teeth to stain. For example, acidic sports drinks can wear out your enamel which makes your teeth more prone to staining from something else. If candies or sweets stain your tongue, it’s possible that they will stain your teeth as well. There are a few things you can do to minimize the effect. First, you can cut back on some these things. This makes sense in the case of candy, carbonated drinks and acidic sports drinks but berries have so many other great qualities and we would never tell you to quit eating those! For the drinks, you can use a straw or swallow it more quickly. Don’t swish these around in your mouth for a long time! It’s always a good idea to brush after you eat, but it’s especially true when it is something that could stain your teeth.


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