A new year, a new start. This is how many people like to begin the new year, and making resolutions and setting goals is a large part of that process. Lose weight, eat healthier, excerise more, quit smoking. These are some of the most common resolutions. But don’t forget about your teeth! Are you a once-a-day brusher? Strive to brush twice. Do you only get around to flossing every other week? Double your effort and do it once a week (although we still recommend daily). The good news is, if you have made a resolution to become a healthier person, you will most likely also be improving your oral health. By cutting out sodas and other sugar-filled snacks, you eliminate one of the worst culprits for cavities. Less snacking means less food sitting on your teeth in between brushing. The benefits of giving up smoking are endless, and it’s no surprise  it includes a long list of oral health benefits. By quitting, you can eliminate bad breath, reduce staining to your teeth and tongue, and reduce your risk of oral cancer and gum disease. In April of 2012, the American Heart Association issues a statement supporting the link between gum disease and heart disease. The American Dental Assocation believes that the best way to avoid gum disease is to brush twice daily, floss daily, eat a balanced diet, limit between-meal snacks, and visit your dentist regularly. If you have decided to improve your health in the new year, we applaud you and hope you consider your oral health as well! Have a great 2013!