The main purpose of this app is to help you keep track of how long you should brush. You can set the timer from 2 to 4 minutes and listen to “groovy” music while you brush! There is an indicator tone to tell you when to switch areas. As an added bonus, you can set an appointment reminder to tell you when you are due for your next cleaning. We like that!

Dental Expert

Dental expert is one of the most comprehensive, educational apps for patients that we have seen. It includes general descriptions of dental procedures as well as tips on how to minimize dental fear, how to prevent bad breath, the importance of diet and nutrition in dentistry, information on dental care while you are pregnant, the 10 best ways to keep  your dental costs down, and more! With all of this dental knowledge you will consume, don’t be tempted to skip your next visit with us!

Monster Mouth DDS

The Monster Mouth app brings you into the world of dentistry by making you (or your young one) a dentist for monsters. You will journey into their mouths and solve their dental problems  before their mouths can slam shut! You can x-ray their teeth, pull out cavities with tongs,  and rub a tooth to clean it!