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Don't Forget About Your Mouth!

A new year, a new start. This is how many people like to begin the new year, and making resolutions and setting goals is a large part of that process. Lose weight, eat healthier, …
While people are busy making new year's resolutions, your oral health is often left out!


Dr. Matz in Women's Edition

Dr. Matz was so honored to have an article written about him in the October issue of Women's Edition. He was excited to touch base on how your oral health relates to your overall …
Dr. Matz in Women's Edition Magazine.


Dentistry and Medicine: What's the Connection

FROM THE DESK OF DR. MATZ Dentistry and medicine keep getting closer together.  You may have heard me say that I believe dentistry could easily be a specialty of medicine.&n…
Dr. Matz discusses how dentistry and medicine are so closely related.