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19 Ways to Wreck Your Teeth

19 Ways to Wreck Your Teeth   While WebMD should not be relied on to diagnose cancer, they do have some great articles and slideshows about your oral health. One of their…
WebMD has an informative slideshow about the different ways people damage their teeth.


New Office Update

Well, it's final! We have turned in our plans for our new office building to the city for approval and are anxiously awaiting their reply. We hope to hear back in the next 2-3 wee…
Read more to find out how the planning of our new office is progressing.


Dental Apps: It's all Fun and Games

Brush-n-Boogie The main purpose of this app is to help you keep track of how long you should brush. You can set the timer from 2 to 4 minutes and listen to “groovy” …
With hundreds of thousands of phone applications, or apps, out there, we figured there would have to be some dental related. We weren’t disappointed! Here are some of the best FREE apps we found in our quest to find the most educational, fun, and easy t…